Dealer Trades

Here at Dealer dispatch Auto Transport we specialize in dealer trades. With our Dealer Trades Express program you can rest assure that your customer's vehicle will be picked up and delivered on time in-order to meet your deadlines. Our Dealer Trade Express program offers multiple car discounts above and beyond our already completive rates. A dealer trade occurs when a client has specific needs for the vehicle in which they are purchasing and a dealer out of state has that vehicle in their inventory. That is where Dealer dispatch Auto Transport comes along. We work with hundreds of dealers all around the U.S and assist them with shipments.Dealer dispatch Auto Transport picks up the vehicle from the buying dealer and transports to the selling dealer. Luxury dealerships may want to transport the vehicle via ENCLOSED CARRIER and Dealer dispatch Auto Transport can ship any type of vehicle any way you desire. With a list of our preferred contracted carries, we can assure a safe transit of your vehicles without any damage or wear and tear to your car. All vehicles are fully insured with our car carriers. We never ship your vehicle before verifying that the carrier's insurance policy is active and up to date. We require that all of our carriers have at least a minimum of $1,000,000 liability and $250,000 cargo Insurance. Should your vehicle be worth more than the insurance policy, Dealer dispatch Auto Transport will insure that it will only be transported with a carrier who will have sufficient insurance to cover your car.

Auction Car Transport

Dealer Dispatch Auto Transport works with all auto actions across the U.S. Including Copart, Manheim, IAA, and Adesa. Do not pay unnecessary storage fees by using the wrong company with inexperienced Agents. Save money and time by calling Dealer Dispatch Auto Transport. We work directly with all major auctions and have access to inventory data bases. Dealer Dispatch Auto Transport understands your needs and concerns when it comes to the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. If you have purchased an Inoperable car, Dealer Dispatch Auto Transport will assure that the assigned carrier will have the proper equipment to load and unload your vehicle

Full Truckload Auto Shipments

The headquarters and central dispatch for Fleet Car Carriers are based in Commerce City, Colorado and their management team averages over 20 years experience in the car hauling industry. Specializing in full truckload auto shipments, the Fleet Car Carriers' network covers the United States servicing 16 new vehicle manufacturers. We have the expertise to haul from ports, plants and rail ramps and are on track to deliver over a million units this year. Fleet Car Carriers' dedicated team services the entire U.S. Whether the routes are national, regional, or local, Fleet Car Carriers operates from more than 30 terminals across the country. Fleet Car is also ISO 9001 and Smartway certified.

Fleet Car Carrier service

Dealer Dispatch Auto Transport provides your company with the peace of mind knowing that your fleet will arrive quickly and safely. We have over 40 years experience in the Auto Transport Industry and pride ourselves on our excellence in service. We are confident that you will find our service and years of expertise unparalleled.

Ease of Access

Dealer Dispatch Auto transport Services makes it easy for you to move your fleet. With just a phone call, we can have your fleet on the move with no hassle to you. We'll take care of the logistics and can furnish you with an up to the minute detailed report on your fleet location

Can you guarantee pick up and or delivery dates?

All transportation time frames are estimates. We do not guarantee a specific delivery date due to factors such as traffic, weather, and other vehicles on the truck's route that will be delivered prior to reaching your car's destination. Most of the times your vehicle/s are being transported along with 6-9 other cars on an open or enclosed car carrier. We will certainly do our best to deliver your vehicle/s on your preferred date.

Inoperable Transport

Whether you are purchasing an inoperable vehicle from an auction or a private party,Dealer dispatch Auto Transport specializes in inoperable car shipping. Shipping an inoperable vehicle requires more time and effort and the rate might differentiate depending on the condition of the vehicle. To ship an inoperable car, Dealer dispatch Auto Transport would schedule your vehicle on a truck that is geared up with the proper equipment to safely load and unload the vehicle.

What is considered an inoperable vehicle?

There are many reasons why a vehicle might be considered inoperable. In the car transportation industry your vehicle is considered inoperable, unless the driver is able to drive the vehicle on and off the ramps of the truck. Here are some reasons why the driver would not be able to load your vehicle on the car carrier.

Be sure to mention any vehicle problems to our agents, before placing your order.

Process of Loading and Unloading an Inoperable Vehicle

In most cases, if the vehicle rolls, steers, and breaks Dealer dispatch Auto Transport will schedule a truck that is equipped with a winch. A winch is a hauling machine consisting of chains that wind up around a flat rotating drum and is usually turned by a crank or a motor.

If your car does not roll, steer, or break, a fork lift must be present for both pickup and delivery. If a fork lift is not available at the time of pickup and or delivery, the agents at Dealer dispatch Auto Transport will make special arrangements in order to safely get your vehicle to you.

Snowbird Auto Transport Services

Are you looking to transport a vehicle from New England down to the southeast, like Florida, because you own a vacation home down there and you want to escape the brutal New England winter? If so, you’re a snowbird, and while that may sound kind of negative it really isn’t. The term “snowbird” is a general auto transport term that is used to describe a particular type of customer – specifically, those that transport their vehicles from the northeast to the southeast during the late summer, fall and early winter months in order to be where the weather is a bit nicer. Snowbirds make up a crucial auto transport customer demographic, as they are usually shipping during the time when the industry on the whole is slowing down. Fall brings crazy weather to many parts of the country, and with holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day all coming with a forty-day span or so, many customers choose to forego shipping until the new year. But snowbirds don’t.

During snowbird season many transport companies offer incentives and deals to entice snowbird shippers to book with them. This in turn leads to lower prices on the whole for you, the customer, and what’s great about snowbird season is the fact that many auto transport carriers position themselves in areas where there are going to be a lot of snowbirds moving freight. This also leads to lower prices because carriers can quickly fill their trucks, maximizing load efficiency and giving them plenty of work for the next few weeks. They can operate primarily up and down I-95, for the most part, which is also great as that is one of the cheapest interstates for auto transporters to run routes along, passing through some of the most heavily populated areas in the country as it does.

There are a lot of routes that snowbirds can ultimately ship along, not just New England to Florida. Arizona is also a popular snowbird destination, particularly the suburbs around Phoenix. The Great Lakes is a region that snowbirds will ship out of as well as New England, particularly Minnesota and Wisconsin where the winters are the most brutal. Florida is definitely cheaper to ship to than Arizona, but with the auto transport boom over the past two decades it’s been easier than ever for customers to find great transport rates to just about anywhere in the country. After October it may be more difficult to get a vehicle out of the Great Lakes, particularly the northernmost reaches of Wisconsin and Minnesota. You’ll likely find that prices from New England to the southeast are going to be some of the lowest prices mainly because of the route – I-95 is a straight shot down the coast, whereas shipping to Arizona requires a variety of different interstates being traveled on – and a lot more distance between pickup and delivery usually.

If you have questions or concerns about the content in this article, feel free to call us directly at 951-515-7611 to speak to one of our live auto transport agents, who can explain in greater detail the information presented in this or any article you encounter on our website. If you need auto transport quotes, fill out our free online form and you will get ten different quotes e-mailed to you within the hour from reputable and reliable transportation companies. If you would prefer a more human approach, give us a call to speak to a live agent and get your ten free quotes e-mailed to you within the hour. The process is simple and all the quotes are completely free for you regardless of whether you fill out the form yourself or call us up and give us the information over the phone.

offers a 5% to 10% discount to various groups and a multiple vehicle discount for transportation on the same car carrier. These discounts are automatically calculated on our instant quote and when you call in please advise which discount you are eligible for:

The discount options are as follow based on honesty policy:

Please check back on this page for upcoming discounts that you might be eligible for and any special promotional rates.

Terms and Conditions

Dealer Dispatch Auto Transport : Terms and Conditions

Pick-up and delivery is door-to-door unless local area restrictions apply.

If your vehicle is inoperable or considered oversized (dually or oversize wheels, extra-large racks, lifted, limo, etc.) extra charges may be applied.

If carrier is not advised of inoperable or over sized vehicles prior to pick-up, all extra charges must be paid in cash or money order, at customer discretion, made payable to delivery company. agrees to provide a carrier to transport your vehicle safely and promptly.

If the customer cancels an order 24 hours prior to pick-up your deposit will be refunded in full.

Shipper shall remove all non-permanent outside mounted luggage and other racks prior to shipment.

Vehicles must be tendered to carrier in good running condition (UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED).

Luggage and personal property must be confined to trunk, with no heavy articles, and not to exceed 100 lbs.

Carrier is not liable for personal items left in vehicle or for damage caused to vehicle from excessive or improper loading of personal items. does not agree to pay for your rental of a vehicle, nor shall we be liable for failure of mechanical or operating parts of your vehicle.

Trucking damage claims although rare, are the responsibility of assigned carrier who is required by law to carry a minimum of one million dollar public liability.

All claims must be noted and signed for at time of delivery, and submitted in writing to assigned carrier within the terms of the carrier bill of lading. will share the carrier insurance policy information upon request but is not the entity responsible for any damages.

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